Cheese -

Some cheeses names are so famous that when you here the brand name you connect the name with a specific country. Brie and camembert is France, Cheddar is England, Feta is Greece, Edamer is Netherlands, Kugelkäse is Austria, Mozzarella is Italy and Emmental is Switzerland are just a few examples.

Other famous cheeses are Monterey Jack from USA, Svecia Cheese from Sweden, Tibet - the cheese made of yak milk from Tibet, Hipi Iti is made on sheep milk from New Zealand and Blue Castello from Denmark.
On Wikipedia you get the following presentation of cheese:
Cheese is a food made from milk, usually the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep, by coagulation. The milk is acidified, typically with a bacterial culture, then the addition of the enzyme rennet or a substitute (e.g. acetic acid or vinegar) causes coagulation, to give "curds and whey". Some cheeses also have molds, either on the outer rind (similar to a fruit peel) or throughout.



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